Our Story

We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds of Hand Made Rugs like Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted, Shaggy, Dhurrie, Handloom, Jute Rugs etc. We at Teppich Homes are 4th Generation Rug Manufacturer and Exporter with the pursuit of spreading smiles with kindness in a way that benefits all of our stakeholders including our consumers and their families, the artisans and their families, our employees, our suppliers, the buyers and channels we work with.

Our business is built on the bedrock of values that goes back to the founder MD Arfeen, that combines kindness as our default demeanor, compassion for those around us, and the humility that everyone deserves dignity. This means that Teppich Homes will work with all those that stand for these values and it drives us as an organization to work with and tap into the creative capacity of those in society that are disadvantaged or rejected.

With their help, we not only create the most distinct design of the highest quality but are also able to capture the blessings of the disadvantaged such as the artisans and their families. This blessing derives from their passion and devoted labor as they receive the opportunity to grow their fortunes, self-worth, and pride-and which then transform into our products. As a result, a Teppich customer will receive the most beautiful, highest quality design together with the blessing of an artisan’s family.

The unique combination of our values, our unrivaled products and the blessings through the artisans to our customers provide our family business with an enduring source of competitive advantage. Hence, we aspire to become the leader in our trade and serve as the catalyst for how our industry creates both economic and humanitarian benefits for all stakeholders. By living these values and striving to achieve our aspirations every day, we will ensure the legacy of our founder who is the fabric known to all of us as.


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