The Art of Longevity: Creating Designs That Endure

Stuff made to last a long time! We don't just follow what's popular, we make things that will always be cool. We make things like rugs and pillows that you use every day, so they need to be good for the environment too. We have stuff for every room in your house, no matter how big or small it is. And we have lots of different designs to choose from!

Ethical and Equitable Workplace

When you get a rug from Teppich Homes, we want you to know all about it! That's why we make sure all our rugs have a signature from the people who made them and where they came from. We care about the people who make our rugs and want to make sure they have good working conditions, are safe, and get paid fairly.

Leaving a Legacy: The Importance of Sustainability for Future Generations

Our products are made in a way that's fair to everyone involved and doesn't harm the environment. We use natural materials that are super high quality and make sure to take good care of them during the manufacturing process. Plus, we make everything by hand so you know it's made with love and meant to last. We also try to use materials that are good for the environment whenever we can. So not only will you love our product, but you can feel good about using it too!

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